Titan T750 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner





Titan Commercial Backpack with twice the suction power of most back pack vacuums on the market today! This backpack vacuum comes with a thick 50′ commercial cord, SIX DELUXE TOOLS, made from sturdy ABS plastic, that allow you to clean all the various spaces and clean though all the various obstacles you encounter during both residential and commercial cleaning.

Whether you need a commercial vacuum on the job that can keep up the same pace as your work, or you want to clean your home thoroughly, with commercial strength and power, this is the backpack vacuum for all.


Product Weight 8 lbs. 
Noise Level 62 dBA 
Air Flow 130 CFM 
Motor 12 Amp. 
Debris Collection Reusable cloth liner or disposable bag
Cord 50’ 3-wire 
1 year warranty
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