Miele Blizzard CX1 Pure Suction Bagless Canister Vacuum




Product Overview

The Miele CX1 Pure Suction Bagless Canister Vacuum combines the convenience of bagless technology, lifetime HEPA filtration, plus 2 floor tools to create powerful cleaning that leaves your home allergen-free.

High MPH=More Cleaning Power

With Miele’s newly developed Mono-Cyclone Vortex Technology, you get airflow velocity exceeding 62 mph. This provides superior cleaning performance for coarse dirt to very fine dust and allergens.

Each type of debris lands in their own container, providing for more hygienic disposal of accumulated dirt and virtually zero dust escaping back into your air.

Sophisticated Self-Cleaning Filter

The Miele CX1 Pure Suction vacuum is equipped with a lifetime GORE® CleanStream® fine dust filter that actually cleans itself. Equipped with sensors that measure airflow, the ComfortClean system is automatically activated but can also be manually cleaned as needed.

When an unusually large amount of fine dust is vacuumed over a short period of time, such as sand, sawdust, or coffee grounds, you can manually activate this function by pressing the button located on the body of the vacuum to ensure consistent cleaning performance.

Filters are For Life

The HEPA exhaust filter is a maintenance-free, high-quality filter that captures 99.99% of fine particles and allergens so your air is cleaner and healthier.

The  GORE® CleanStream® fine dust filter, like the ComfortClean system, can be removed and cleaned manually as well—usually once or twice a year.

All of these filters are intended to last the life of the vacuum cleaner!

Cleaning Convenience

The Miele CX1 Pure Suction has a number of features that make it convenient to use and store.

  • Integrated Tools are located at the back of the vacuum—crevice tool and upholstery brush are never far away.
  • 2 Floor Tools include Miele’s popular Parquet Twister for hard flooring plus the AllTeQ Combination Floor head (SBD 285-3)  retractable bristles & metal soleplate for vacuuming carpets, plus thread lifters and wide suction opening for more efficient cleaning.
  • Eco Comfort Handle has the dusting brush integrated right onto the handle for quick, convenient in-between cleaning.
  • Long Operating Radius means faster cleaning times and less stopping to switch outlets.
  • One-Touch Cord Rewind retracts without snarling and makes finishing up as easy as cleaning up.
  • Park System allows you to take a break by holding the floorhead in a secure and handy working position located on the side of the vacuum
  • 4 Swivel Casters are rubberized for scuff-free floors and make the CX1 stable, while providing 360 degree rotation for increased maneuverability.

Hands-Free Dust Bin

The coarse dust bin is transparent so it’s easy to see when it needs to be emptied. Quickly remove it by lifting it out of the main body, then use the single button to release the waste bin door without dirt ever touching your hands. Debris is literally pushed, or ejected, into your trash.

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