Miele HEPA Filter SF-AA30




The Miele Active Filter SF-AA30 replaces the old Active AAC30 Filter

The new and improved Miele AirClean filters have Timestrip technology & will let you know when they need to be changed. Active Carbon filter with Air Clean particle filter PLUS 1/4 pound of activated carbon to remove unpleasant pet odors from vacuum exhaust. Fits Miele series: 300/400/500/600/2000/70000

How The Miele Active Air Clean Filter Works:  The SF-AA30 is filled with carbon which helps absorb gas and odors before exhausting from the vacuum.  The carbon is sandwich between two Super Airclean filters that will filter out any small particles not trapped by the bag.

The Miele Active Filter Is Best For:  With a good amount of carbon the Active Filter works best for ridding your home of odors during and after vacuum.  Pets are normally the culprit, finer hairs and dander that are not trapped by the bag will burn off in the motor.  The carbon helps trap the odor those oils in the hair and dander are giving off.  Carbon will also trap any other odor causing debris that is being sucked up by your Miele vacuum.

The Miele Active Filter Is Not the Best For:  Anybody suffering from severe asthma or allergies.  The AA30 does NOT have HEPA filtration.

When Does the Miele Active Filter need to be changed?:  The AA30 can last up for a year of vacuuming.  However if the carbon is absorbing odors at a faster rate the filter may need to be changed sooner.  Rule of thumb is once odors start to be exhausted from the vacuum, the carbon is all used up and the filter needs to be changed.

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