SEBO Airbelt K3 Canister Vacuum Cleaners




SEBO Airbelt K3 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful cleaning, easy to maneuver, light weight and ultra-quiet canister vacuum. This vacuum can operate on hard floor surfaces as well as carpets. This vacuum has many unique features that make it stand out compared to competitors. The Airbelt K3 has a incredible 3.5-inch, low to the ground, profile which allows it to be able to fit under furniture and low surfaces. This vacuum is designed for households with furry residents. This is one of the top vacuums on the market to help get rid of the unwanted pet dander in your home. Included with the vacuum is three attachments. The first is the crevice novel, which has a very slender nose, that allows you to get in the hard to reach spots. Secondly is the upholstery brush which is ideal for getting the pet hair off of couches or furniture that they may sit on from day to day. Last but not least is the parquet brush that is ideal for smooth floors, the bristles remove the debris, dust and dirt and the powerful suction then traps it in the bags. The combination of the outstanding suction power and accessories included with the Airbelt K3 Vacuum will leave your carpets and floors smelling and looking fresh and clean.

Features & Benefits

  • Very Powerful 1250 Watt Motor
  • Light and compact, making it easy to operate and store.
  • Powerful performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Durability – SEBO canisters are made to last
  • ET-1 12 powerhead – Also Available with ET-2 15 powerhead (In white)
  • Power Nozzle spins at a vicious 2,700 r.p.m’s, from its ultra strong 175-watt power head motor. Features a never-fail belt system. This nozzle gets the job done right the first time!
  • Full-size, onboard tools
  • Rubber coated wheels prevent damage to floors and rotate 360 for easy maneuverability
  • Quick-release for ease of brush head change
  • Large control switches for power and cord retractor
  • High-quality telescopic tubes that provide convenient handle-height adjustment
  • 26-foot operating range
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