SEBO Airbelt K Series Service Box (Bags & Filters)


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When you’ve got a vacuum as great as a SEBO, it pays to keep it maintained when needed. To help you do just that, SEBO offers the Service Box – K series, a boxed compilation of essential replacement parts for your SEBO Airbelt K model canister vacuum. Each box contains 8 replacement SEBO brand Ultra Bags with 4-layer lining to keep trapped dust and dirt in its place, while promoting adequate airflow.

Also included is one replacement pre-motor microfilter to help ensure your machine is running as best it can for as many years as it can, by trapping the dirt and dust that is drawn into the vacuum before it can reach the delicate mechanical components of the vacuum. One replacement exhaust filter is included as well, to filter the air exiting the machine, keeping the air emitted into your home free of harmful particles.

The SEBO Service Box-K series contains replacement items designed to fit SEBO Airbelt K model vacuums.


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