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Numatic’s Henry Vacuum Cleaner Model HVR200A might look like it’s just a bundle of fun, but behind that smile is a powerful motor, creating suction that will leave your floors looking like they were installed yesterday! We know everybody sees vacuuming as a chore, completely devoid of fun and excitement, but after using the Henry Vacuum Cleaner, you’ll look your vacuum in the face and feel like you’re staring in the mirror, with that big, welcoming smile reflecting on your own face! One use with the Henry Vacuum will turn the cynical bunch who are turned off by Henry’s big friendly smile into enthusiasts; take the necessary precautions before lending your Henry Vacuum to friends and family because they’ll fall so in love with the adorable little guy that you might never see him again!
With the high filtration HepaFlo Numatic Henry vacuum bags, the amazing A1 Accessory Kit, the immensely powerful motor, and the utmost convenience provided by Henry and his versatile maneuverability and utility, it’s hard not to love the Henry Vacuum Cleaner, the flagship machine of the Numatic Vacuum Cleaner line. Plus, Henry’s great with the kids!
Some Notable Features
Numatic HEPAflo Dust Bags
Premium HEPA filtration bags feature an impressive 2.5 gallon dirt capacity and filtrates 99.95% of particles down to 0.5 microns in size. Self-closing collar keeps debris securely trapped inside.
Numatic Tritex Filter
Circular filter removes 99.97% of airborne pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size. Keep your indoor air quality in top-notch shape with the Numatic Tritex Filter.
Rear-docking of Floor Nozzle
Append the combination rug and floor nozzle to the backside of the canister using the docking clip on the backside of the swivel neck. Great for unexpected interruptions and easy, convenient storage.
Cable Rewind System
The cable rewind system quickly and efficiently wraps up the 33 ft power cord when not in use.
Numatic Combination Nozzle
The included Numatic Combination Nozzle works great on both bare floors and low to medium pile carpets. Simply move the rocker switch back and forth to expose and hide the bristle brush bar.
Large Selection of Attachments!
The Numatic Henry Canister Vacuum features the AS 1 Standard Kit which includes a large range of attachments for cleaning furniture, upholstery and tight spaces.
What’s in the Box:
Henry Canister Vacuum
FloMax Conical Hose
2 stainless steel telescopic extension tubes
One stainless steel telescopic aluminum tube
One double taper tool adapter
One combination nozzle
One crevice tool
One upholstery nozzle
One slide on brush for upholstery nozzle
One soft dusting brush
Product manual
10 Year Warranty

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