Cana-Vac LS-550 Central Vacuum




The Cana-Vac LS-550 is a hybrid central vacuum, which means it can be used as a paper bag or a filtered system. The hybrid bag or bagless technology allows you to decide whether the filtered or paper bag option is better for you. The Cana-Vac replacement bags are a cloth like product providing the best option for dust and allergen protection. There is no need to worry about a cheap paper bag ripping and spilling dirt all over the pace. This cloth like bag provides filtration of 99.4% of dust allergens and means no dirty hands, mess or allergen ridden dust plumes! If you decided the paper bags are not for you, then you will utilize the HEPA Membrane Non-Stick Central Vacuum Filter. This new filter is a step up from the original Micro-Tex filter. The HEPA Membrane Non-Stick filter provides superior filtration with its HEPA fabric and superior maintenance free self cleaning operation. If you have had a filtered central vacuum unit in the past, than you will truly appreciate this new style filter. With this new non-stick filter, the dirt no longer clings to every fiber of the filter. When the vacuum is turned off, the majority of the dirt and dust falls to the canister.

The Cana-Vac LS-550 is loaded with great features such as a 24V remote on/off utility valve built into the unit, an exhaust muffler, and also offers right or left intake install. Often a central vacuum installed in a garage or storage room does not lend itself as the best location for a utility valve. Cana-Vac offers a separate 24 volt valve to place nearest the garage door for easy outdoor cleaning of your car, RV, or boat. It can also be used as an additional valve within the home if needed.

Cana-Vac Signature LS 550 central vacuum power unit
Features one of the best motors ever manufactured in the industry, the Lamb Ametek 116-765-00
Ultra reliable and efficient motor
465 airwatts
137″ H20 waterlift suction power
Self cleaning action filter system
Hybrid bag or bagless dust collection system
Flexible usage
Quiet Pack noise reduction technology by Cana-Vac
10 years warranty
Made in Canada

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